is a very thin and easy to use website to perform automatic summaries. You just add your text and the summary monster perform a very fast summary. Enjoy your automatic summary!

Consultancy web projects

We love to help organizations in its snowflakes, mainly communication web projects: Uxío Broullón, designer and draftsman Mario Regueira, writer and literacy critic Red queen, science blogger NGO for a better Mental health in Galicia Psicopico, Psychology online Artesanía Chavello, wood craftsman from Ancares Estefania Vazquez, architect Isaac Gonzalez, tech teacher and startupper Frizzante Agency, […]

Agora is a contribution to galician language community with a lean tiny link aggregator. also includes this subportals: Podgalego Radios en galego also hosts this projects: Teclado galego android is the first keyboard for galician language in Android platform

Hello world Folerpa!

Wellcome to Folerpa! We try to do software projects as beautiful as snowflakes. If you want to follow, use our RSS, if you want to contact, e-mail us. Folerpa means snowflake in galician language. We love this natural unique and beautiful structure, in our website you can see the photos made by chaotic75 we use. […]